Grapefruit Soda Recipe Refreshing

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Grapefruit Soda Recipe Refreshing

Refreshing Grapefruit Soda Recipe

Make your own – Grapefruit Soda Recipe.

I’ll admit it. I love soda. I know it’s horrible for you, but I just love it. I’ve tried to replace it with other healthier options: flavored water, sports drinks, etc. Nothing ever hit the spot the same as soda even though I liked those things. I finally identified what the other drinks were missing. Carbonation!

That’s when I discovered adding seltzer to healthier options. Eventually I purchased a Soda Stream so I could make my own sodas that aren’t loaded with high fructose corn syrup.

My latest favorite is grapefruit soda. This sparkling treat is both sour and sweet and oh so refreshing!

What you’ll need: 

1 grapefruit

12 oz of seltzer water

1 tablespoon of Stevia

Tools: Juicer, fine strainer

Start by juicing the grapefruit with a hand juicer. One grapefruit will produce enough juice for one soda. I like to juice enough for a mason jar full to use throughout the week.

Once you have juiced the grapefruit, run the juice through a fine strainer to get rid of any pulp or seeds that the juice missed.

In a glass, mix together the grapefruit juice and the seltzer water. Mix in the stevia to taste, I usually like about a tablespoon worth. Be careful mixing in the stevia as it might foam at first.

That’s it! So simple, easy, and healthy!

Grapefruit Soda Recipe Refreshing

Refreshing Grapefruit Soda Recipe


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