11 Dawn Dish Soap DIY Tips

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Dawn Dish Soap Tips

Dawn Dish Soap Tips

The original blue Dawn dish soap is more than just something to use on dishes. I consider this a little bottle of magic, as is has SO MANY uses that most people don’t know about.

For Pets:

1.  Skip the toxic flea products on the market, and instead give your pet a bath in this classic blue soap. It’s safe and will wash away those nasty fleas. Did your pet bring fleas on the house? Don’t panic! Sheets, clothing, and other washable items can be ran through the washing machine with a little bit of dawn. Fleas HATE the stuff, and will be gone in one wash.

2. Does your pet have a tick? You can safely remove the little bugger by placing a drop of Dawn over the tick. After the tick is removed, wash your pup in the soap like you would if he had fleas, and drown the tick in the soap so you know he is good and dead.


3. Women (and even men) use this soap as a shampoo. My grandfather uses it daily, but that’s a bit extreme for my taste. This dish soap removes oil from hair and shampoo buildup. Keep your scalp clean and your hair looking vibrant by washing your tresses once a week with this.

4. Before a manicure, soak your fingers in this soap. Your cuticles will soften, and you can easily (and safely) push them up before adding polish.

Around the House:

5. Before it didn’t matter what I used on my windows, I would still have streaks. Now I put a little bit of Dawn in a spray bottle with some water, spray my windows, and wipe with newspaper. No streaks!

6. You may find this hard to believe, but a cup of this magic liquid can unclog a toilet. Add one cup to your toilet bowl and let it sit for 15 minutes, then add in a bucket of hot water poured from the waist in height to clear the clog.

7. Two drops of this soap in a bucket of hot water is all you need to mop with.

8. Have greasy tools sitting around the house? Let them soak overnight in a bucket of warm water with a few drops of Dawn. Rinse them in the morning and the grease will be gone.

9. This magic soap works as a stain pre-treater to lift oil based stains right out. Add this soap to lipstick stains, grease, butter, and more. Let it sit and then say bye bye to grease stains.

10. In the past, when an injury happened I would add cubes of ice to a sandwich bag. Now I keep a sandwich bag of Dawn in my freezer on the shelf. It doesn’t melt like ice does and I can use it over and over again.

11. Living in the country, we spend a lot of money each year on poison ivy medicine. My doctor told me to stop buying the $70 over the counter stuff, and instead wash the affected area with blue original Dawn. It dries it up, and keeps it from spreading.

Do you know another use for this magic and affordable soap? Leave a comment below!

Dawn Dish Soap Tips


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  1. Evangeline Merced says:

    You can use Dawn blue for killing ants. Just pour a little on the ants and that’s it they willbe dead in no time

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